Thursday, 15 May 2014

11-4-14 Dublin jazz book Vol 1

We were delighted to have the launch of The goal of the Dublin Jazz Book vol 1 here in BelloBar. First Things First. What is the Dublin Jazz Book vol 1 you ask? Well its a project created by Sam Kavanagh and Steven McNamara (ROJI DESIGNS),  to give international musicians some insight into the Dublin jazz scene at the present moment. 

The compositions in the Dublin Jazz Book provide a sample of the work emerging from Dublin. It includes, side by side, the works of seasoned professionals and students, selected on an open-submission basis. Every composer who submitted at least one complete work is represented. Not all of the composers are from Dublin, or even Ireland, but they have all positively contributed to the musical culture of the city.  

The New Compositions were performed on the the night by beloved dublin based musicians and BelloBar Jazz Sunday Regulars; Sam Comerford Tom Caraher Johnny Taylor Julien Colarossi

Cormac OBrien Cote Calmet.

You can Download a free copy of the Dublin Jazz Book vol1 here photo credit Eduardo Calvo.

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